Natural Resources

1.It takes thousands of years for a ____________ of soil to be formed?
A. Soil
D. Part

2.We must use a fuel like __________ rather than fuels which are getting depleted.
C. Petrol
D. Gas

3._____________ gas Causes heat to be trapped in the earth’s atmosphere.
A. Oxygen
B. Nitrogen
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Other gas

4.20 August is observed as ________________ day.
A. World water day
B. Pollution day
C. Akshay Urja din
D. Environment day

5. ______________ also an integral part of a forest.
A. Animals
B. Wood
C. Tree
D. None

6.___________ is another important non-renewable resource .
A. Plant
B. Soil
C. Animal
D. None

7.What is CNG?
A. Compressed Gas
B. Compressed Natural Gas
C. Compressed natural fuel
D. Combine natural gas

8. ________________ Form a very important part of our natural wealth.
A. Minerals
B. Water
C. Soil
D. Air

9. Resources which can be produced again and again are called __________ resources.
A. Non-renewable.
B. Renewable
C. Natural resource
D. None of them

10.Air pollution has increased.
A. Overuse of water
B. Unlimited growth in factories and vehicles.
C. uses of chemical fertilizers
D. None of them

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