Super Senses CBSE MCQ Quiz test 5 class

Super Senses Class 5 MCQ

Q1. In which season can you not see any lizards in the house?

Q2. The animal world is full of examples of .......!

Q3. People who kill animals are called ......

Q4. Dogs can make out if another dog has entered their territory by the smell of its .....

Q5. Most of the birds have their ..... on either side of their heads.

Q6. Some birds, like kites, eagles, and vultures, can see .... times as far as we can.

Q7. Those animals that are awake at night can see things only in ...... colours.

Q8. Scientists believe that many animals have a special.......... of their own.

Q9. A tiger can see ... times better at night than most of us.

Q10. Musk deer are killed just to make a little .... from their musk.

Q11. Elephants are killed for their .....

Q12. The sloth eats the .... of the same tree on which it lives.

Q13. ...... looks like bears and sleeps for about 17 hours a day.

Q14. ..... are the protected areas where nobody can hunt animals or destroy the jungle.

Q15. Which animal can give an alarm call by electric signal?

Q16. Which animal can feel the vibrations on the ground?

Q17. Ghana National Park is in ...

Q18. Which animal am I?
I can find my female by her smell.

Q19. The super sense of an eagle is .......

Q20. Human beings have .... sense organs.

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